Inspection Trip

We recommend you to make a pre-selection already at home. If you like one of our offers from our site, please send us an email with the ID number and we will send you a detailed exposé by e-mail within the shortest possible time.

To find your dream property we recommend to take around 3 days for inspection and information meetings. We look forward to meeting you present you our apartments, villas and plots as well as our beautiful city Alanya. An inspection tour could look like follows:

Day 1:

  • Transfer from the airport to your accommodation
  • We drive to our office and have a first meeting to select the first property.
  • We start with the real estate inspection.
  • Summarize the day

Day 2:

  • Evaluation of the previous day and the visited property offers
  • Re-visit of your favorites or inspect new offers.

Day 3:

  • Administrative procedures have to be done early. We go with you to apply for a tax id number and to open a bank account.
  • Possibly further inspections of properties.

Day 4:

  • Final evaluation of preselected objects.
  • In case of a purchase decision conclusion of a sales contract.
  • Transfer to the airport